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29 Jan. 2012 Posted by | S.B.P.
Better Quality Paint & Eco Friendly Too!

These days, more than ever, Americans are increasingly aware of their ecological impact, or their "carbon footprint", and they are doing things about it. It isn't just can's and bottles anymore. America has gone green. We buy electric cars and put solar cells on houses. Most urban Houston natives recycle, in fact if you live in the city of Houston you probably have a green recycle-bin on your curb every week. And while our citizenry continues to curtail their impact on the world around them, fewer businesses are up to the challenge.


25 Dec. 2011 Posted by | S.B.P.
Alignment Ultra Beats the Competition

Does your car have a mind of its own? Does your truck drift into nearby lanes unintentionally? Does your van's steeing wheel vibrate at high-speeds? Chances are you have an alignment issue. There are many signs of alignment problems that you can look out for (How to Tell if you Need a Front End Alignment). For most of us though, only a professional can tell the difference between tire-wear or a more serious alignment issue in our car or truck.


1 Nov. 2011 Posted by | S.B.P.
Color Match Guarantee Assures Trust

I don't know about you, but my car is my baby. I take it very seriously. It's one of the few things I actually keep clean and maintained. For most of us, our cars get us to and from work and have continued to be a way to find freedom from the dull commuter's existence for most of our lives. And yet, plenty of people take their vehicle's paint for granted. You purchased the clear-coat right? It's fine. So you don't wax the car enough. Who does?